Ampelidae is born in 1995, in the family domaine where Frédéric Brochet just started a few years before to produce his first wine at the age of eleven with only two small tanks, three oak barrels and a bucket. Frédéric has the qualities of a scientist : observant, curious, explorative, patient and methodical. But what makes him tick most of all, is a passion that he acquired as a child-- a passion for wine. At age of 14, he kept a cellar book of his family’s homemade wine. During is younger years, he dedicated all his weekends and school holidays to tend around an acre of vines from Brochet family. It was extraordinary passion that led him to set up a wine business and pursue his wine studies. Finally in 1995, during the first year of his PhD in Oenology and Ampelology, he created Domaine Ampelidae (“Ampelidae” a Greek term for vine), out of those few vines inherited from his father.