Backed by more than one hundred years´ history, Bilbaínas Winery has remained true to the philosophy of its founder, Santiago de Ugarte, when it was founded in 1904. Bilbaínas Winery is the oldest bottling firm of La Rioja; it’s the winery with the greatest surface area of underground cellars (3,400 m2) and with the finest surface area of vineyards in the municipality of Haro, the emblematic capital of La RiojaAlta. Together, there are 250 hectares of vineyards of utmost quality which are filled with grapes owned by the winery to ensure quick processing without the loss of quality. Established in Haro’s railway station neighbourhood, its strategic location has allowed it, from its beginnings, to take advantage of the train as a means of transport to ship its wines to any corner of the planet. Many harvests have passed since then and, during that time, with its flagship label, Viña Pomal, the oldest winery of La Rioja has maintained the personal style that has given this brand so much success and recognition.