Diamond Standard Vodka is produced at Poland's legendary Siedlce Distillery and is made from Dankowski Diamond Rye, the finest available.
This pure grain Polish vodka is the result of an intricate process that includes four rounds of distillation, followed by four stages of filtration, including a diamond filtration process developed exclusively. The carefully guarded process involves the use of diamonds to produce a spirit of incredible purity.
The ultimate result is an exceptionally finished and pure vodka that creates the ultimate martini (The Diamond Martini), and is as great as the "neat," on the rocks, or as a superb mixer that surpasses the ordinary.
The world's finest vodka is the finest presentation, and Diamond Standard Vodka is sold in a perfume-grade, award-winning Saverglass bottle. The quality and purity on the inside is commemorated on every bottle with a wonderful accessory, a round-cut 25mm Swarovski crystal from the CRYSTALLIZED Elements Collection. Each bottle is a work of art.