Michel Reybier is acknowledged to have discovered the exceptional wine that aims to bring everybody together and give the best pleasure of spending time together. The winery features two of its best from France and Hungary.; namely, Champagne Michel Reybier, Cos d’ Estrounel and Tokaj Hetszolo. Champagne Michel Reybier is known for its great subtlety. Made with grapes from first growth terroir, champagne’s exceptional cuvee is characterized with mineral and fruity nose, tender and appetizing on the palate. Originated from Bordeaux, Cos d’Estrounel is impressive in its youth by the intensity of its structure and the brilliance of its fruit. The wine of Cos d’Estournel evolves slowly to reach its full maturity between 10 and 30 years giving it an admirable melting and aromatic complexity. Great vintages can reach exceptional longevity, exceeding the century. Beyond the French borders and now towards Hungary, Tokaji, Michel Reybier acquired the historic Hetszol v vineyard in 2009. It is the situated in the heart of Tokaj-Hegyalja on the southern slope of Mount Tokaj, the crown jewel of Hungary. Through organic farming ad traditional vinification, the wine of Tokaj Hetzolo are a benchmark for Hungarian wines and exemplify the esteemed history of the estate and the pedigree of the region.