The Rogers lived in Aÿ, a village famous for its vineyards, lying at the foot of the Montagne de Reims. Pol’s father, a notary, incurred a sickness which led him to give up his practice. Family circumstances obliged Pol Roger to take on the wine business. Pol was only eighteen years old when made his first sale of wine. The family moved to Epernay in 1851. As early as 1855, Pol began to favor production of Brut Champagne. He knew that this was the type of which the English preferred. In 1899, his two sons took over and brought in exportation demands despite odds. They kept the name to Pol Roger as a tribute to their father. Throughout the years, generation after generation, significant changes were made in the winery, which underwent complete renovation, in a constant quest for better quality. New variants were released to offer new styles to the range. The firm adopted a more aggressive sales, marketing and production strategies. It has also redesigned packaging that represents elegance and distinction.