Tedeschi boasts strong ties with the Valpolicella area that go back almost four centuries. Tedeschi has believed in the considerable potential of his wine production since 1630 and has reinterpreted it in a modern key. It has adopted the most innovative methods in the wine cellar and in the vineyards, always striving to create “the perfect wine” that can best express the characteristics of this magnificent area. Tedeschi therefore produces powerful, elegant wines with a great personality and a strong typical character. Thanks to their colour, aroma and taste, you will discover the strong character of the people who produce them, the gentle hills where they are grown and the rich, complex heritage of traditions treasured in Valpolicella. The Tedeschi family firmly believe that each harvest can only unfold its potential if one listens to the different needs and respect the disposition and the rhythm of the land. The peculiarities of the growing season thus become an integral part of the produced wine. The careful attention that they devote to the vineyards implies the research for the most effective interaction between soil characteristics, microclimate, sun exposures, best varieties, and training system. Backed up with the family’s constant and strong commitment, the Tedeschi wines have become synonymous with terroir and Valpolicella all over the world.